Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Lady Liberty, my Peter Max interpratation!!

I love to paint! But I'm not a painter! I do paint to get relax. Is a therapy! A few days ago I did a painting class. I was introduce to Peter Max art work! He uses a bunch of beautiful bright colors in his paints. He change classic into a non traditional work. I love to be bold and non traditional.  That is the reason I did choose his style or interpretation. I'm a Puerto Rican born an raised! At the same time I'm American by birth, but I still Hispanic. My first language is the Spanish language and the second is English. I'm a human melting pot and I love it.The first paint is the traditional style some of the students did at The Shop. The second paint is the one I did at The Shop! In the third picture you can see part of the process. Enjoy!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

The life of a crazy toy collector

This is a Nano Block TMNT.  I did use a little bit of supper glue. I still working on this figure!
My Lego collection!

Ohhhh no more Lego!

I love Lego!

Hello guys,
I'm a crazy toy collector. I can't help it! I started collecting on my teenage years. I'm on my late 30's and I still collecting. For some people collecting is an addiction. For me is one of my favorite  hobbies. I have a bunch of hobbies! I love to read, paint, travel and others. But I can say my favorite hobby is keep finding new stuff for my collections. Ohhhh yes, I did write collections, I have more than one collection. I hope you guys can enjoy my short blogs. Follow me! This is a work in progress.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

This are my October fun time creations. Nothing expensive and I had a lot of fun! I used a Wal mart system 3 acrylic paints, a bunch of painter markers a $2.00 dollars skull. A Hobby Lobby unpainted house and a Dollar Tree coffin. I hope you guys enjoy my short blogs. Please make comments and let me know you are following me.